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Dit zijn de spreuken. Wij hebben ze zelf bedacht. Het was heel veel werk, us gebruik ze niet voor je eigen site. Alvast bedankt en veel plezier verder op deze site!

To become a witch :
Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of Gods are invoked here
Great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters eight
We want the power, give us the power.

To kill somebody :
We are the eight
So will be afraid
We can kill you
And thatís what we wish
So listen to this spell
And go back to hell

To trust us :
You think this is the end
And youíre afraid
But donít give it up
Trust us, the power of eight

To kill somebody :
You will be afraid
Of all of us eight
We will let you burn
And we will let you cry
Until youíve so much pain
that we will let you die

To let somebody love you :
Love me, Iím one of the eight
But donít be afraid
Listen to your heart
And then you know that youíll love me
Than we are happy and in love
And so it will be
Forever and always
In all our next days

To trust on the power of eight :
If you're one of the eight,
don't be afraid,
thrust your powers
and your sisters,
we will help you,
that's what we do

To bring a demon to hell :
We give you all the hate
From all of us eight
Let the hate destroy you
And listen to this spell
Demon, go back to hell

To return somebody :
Return her, member of eight, wherever she be,
Through time and space, bring her back to me.

to find things you're lost :
help me find the thing I've lost
help me searching on the paths I've crossed
where ever it might be
bring it back to me

to open locked doors, gates :
we use the power of eight
to open this locked gate
so hear us clearly, hear us bright
in this dark and evil night
we use this spell more and more
to open this locked door

to heal someone :
spirits of the deepest sea
come to here and listen to me
help this person out of hell
heal this person, 'cause (s)he's not well

to get good luck :
let us see a falling star
let us stop a world war
let the rainbow be our guide
so luck will be on our side

To know that we help you :
When you are in trouble
Or when you feeling sat
We are here for you
And you must know we help you too

To go back to the past :
we are the eight sisters
together we are resistors
we need the time
we have already spend
so send us back to change the end

To find an answer :
For every question is an answer
For every problem is a solution
So trust on the powers of eight
And donít be afraid
We can help you with everything
You only have to ring!

Sometimes the life goes to fast
Sometimes itís so hard to see
Than I put the level lower
And walk a little slower
No one want to fight
And every think is all right!

To call help from others:
Please help me, my sisters my friends,
Before my life-story ends,
I call your help to rescue me,
'Cause my death isn't meant to be!
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